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    Unibio receives green SMILEY

    The Danes have seen smileys on inspection reports, in all their retail food enterprises since 2001. In 2007 the Danish Working Environment Authority began using the Smiley Scheme in an updated version as well. The Smileys are published on the Working Environment Authority’s website and allow the general public to see how an enterprise is doing in terms of health and safety.
    There are four Smileys in the health and safety field:

    • Green Smiley indicates that the enterprise has no issues with the Working Environment Authority.
    • Yellow_smiley indicates that the enterprise has received a notice with a time limit or an immediate improvement notice.
    • Red_smiley indicates that the enterprise has received an improvement notice or a prohibition notice.
    • Smiley with a crown indicates that the enterprise holds a recognized health and safety certificate. This means that the enterprise has made an extraordinary effort to ensure a high level of health and safety.

    Unibio has received a green smiley, after an inspection from the Danish Working Environment Authority, at the demonstration plant in Kalundborg 25 October. The green smiley indicates that the working environment in Unibio is good and that the Danish Working Environment Authority has no remarks or comments to the health and safety field.