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Uniprotein®, the end-product resulting from Unibio’s U-Loop technology, addresses the world’s growing need for animal protein, which will continue to increase in line with population growth and the emergence of a large middle class with strong purchasing power.

Uniprotein® is a protein-rich biomass (approximately 72% protein) and can be used as a direct supplement in animal feed compounds. Uniprotein® takes the form of a free-flowing reddish brown, granule with a particle size of 150-200 μm. It has a long shelf life, and the production process always results in a uniform product.

The product is not genetically manipulated but is the result of a natural process industrialized by Unibio. Uniprotein® is a non-polluting product, as it is produced by a microbial culture with natural gas as the sole carbon and energy source. The only waste product from the production of Uniprotein® is clean water. The product is free from toxins, dioxin and heavy metals due to the controlled production process and the fact that all minerals used are food grade.

Uniprotein® was approved for animal nutrition in EU in July 1995 according to Commission Directive 95/33/EC. Under new EU Commission regulations introduced in June 2011 (No 575/2011) the requirement for a general pre-market authorization for Uniprotein® in feedstuffs was abolished.

Uniprotein® is well suited as a feed ingredient for animals with a short lifespan. The product has been tested as feed for salmon, calves, pigs and chickens with positive results in terms of acceptance and growth.

Uniprotein® is a close substitute to high-quality fishmeal (LT Fishmeal), but it can also substitute soybean meal, both being two increasingly scarce resources (see amino acid composition tab on the left for a comparison with LT Fishmeal).

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