Imagine a future where the world´s protein supply is partly covered by a technology enabling methane to be turned into protein by bacterial fermentation.

About Us

Unibio is a pioneering venture operating in the biotechnology sector with core competences within fermentation technologies. Unibio International was incorporated in 2014, and its 100% owned subsidiary company was incorporated in 2001.

The company owns the rights to a unique fermentation technology – the U-Loop® technology – which has been developed in cooperation with DTU and is the result of more than 30 years of research and development activities. This process is described in our video below.

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Find out how U-Loop technology is used to produce UniProtein


Join us in our quest for a world without protein scarcity

  • End Product

    Uniprotein®, the end-product resulting from Unibio’s U-Loop® technology, addresses the world’s growing need for animal protein, which will continue to increase in line with population growth and the emergence of a large middle class with strong purchasing power.

  • Appearance

    Uniprotein® takes the form of a free-flowing reddish brown, non-dusty granule with a particle size of 150-200 μm. It has a long shelf life, and the production process always results in a uniform product.