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    Unibio joins the fight for sustainable food production

    With the support of the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark, MUDP fund (Eco-innovation), Unibio is participating in a project that will contribute to more sustainable food production.

    The current global production of feed for animals has a major negative impact on the climate and the environment. These challenges are addressed by the new project “From Urban Biological Waste to Animal Feed” (FUBAF). The main purpose of the project is to produce high-quality proteins (Single Cell Protein, SCP) from biogas produced from urban waste.

    The biogas is produced by digesting urban biowaste (organic industrial residues, food waste or sewage sludge) at a pilot plant located at BIOFOS sewage treatment plant in Avedøre. After the conversion into biogas, Unibio can use its unique fermentation technology to make protein for animal feed.

    The project is a spin-off of project VARGA and the other project partners, besides Unibio, are EnviDan (project manager), BIOFOS, DTU Environment, LiqTech, Aarhus Water, VandCenter Syd, and ARC.