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    Press release- Texas soon to have methane-to-protein plant

    Unibio and Core Protein initiate project to construct sustainable protein production plant in Texas

    19 August 2019 – Unibio and Core Protein LLC have begun preparations for the establishment of a protein production plant in the United States utilizing Unibio’s patented methane-to-protein fermentation technology. The parties have previously executed a Master Licence Agreement, and now the project is in full development.

    The plant will be located in Texas at a site where the necessary infrastructure for such a project is already available. Site selection is ongoing; several potential sites just outside of Houston have already been identified. The final decision will be made over the next couple of months.

    In a world where the environmental and climate impact of meat production is a hot topic, Texas has the potential to become the frontrunner in applying a novel technology that will significantly reduce stress on agricultural land and oceans as the Unibio technology fully decouples protein production from farming and fishing. Furthermore, agriculture and meat production are very water-usage-intensive, and the Unibio technology addresses this challenge – very little water is used for the production of each kilogram of protein compared to traditional protein production.

    Unibio’s Uniprotein® is to be used as a protein ingredient in animal feed.

    “Uniprotein® is a sustainable feed ingredient that is critical to meeting the rising global demand for sustainable food production,” says Unibio Group CEO Henrik Busch-Larsen. “We are delighted to partner up with Core Protein and the Texan stakeholders to launch the project in the United States. Texas seems to be the perfect place for a US home of Uniprotein® production and starting point for our venture into North America as Texas is not only the largest natural gas producer in the US but also the largest wind energy producer. Furthermore, also from a protein market perspective, Texas is ideal as ambitions are high within the meat and aquaculture industry,” ends Henrik Busch-Larsen.

    Ron Yair of Core Protein states, “Not only was it a pleasure working with Mr. Busch-Larsen and his team at Unibio to secure the exclusive production rights of Uniprotein® in the Unites States, but it is a real privilege to be part of a team at the forefront of advanced technologies that address acute environmental needs. Protein is an increasingly scarce though essential nutrient, and protein production is increasingly fraught with issues such as overfishing and land use. Unibio has developed a technology that disrupts the traditional protein value chain, and we fully intend to take advantage of this technology to produce high-quality protein and protect the environment at the same time.”

    The project is also backed by third-party investors.

    Mr. Henrik Busch-Larsen is speaking at the Gastech Conference at the NRG Center in Houston, Texas, on 18 September 2019.

    Unibio is a leading Danish industrial biotech company with core competences within microbial fermentation technologies. In collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark Unibio has developed an innovative technology – the vertical U-Loop® fermentation technology – allowing the introduction of new sustainable protein production methods. Unibio’s unique fermentation technology is based on converting natural gas (methane) into a highly concentrated protein product, Uniprotein®, by microbial fermentation.


    The novel protein source Uniprotein® by Unibio disrupts the traditional feed value chain and mitigates the traditional challenges by decoupling protein production from the fluctuating agricultural sector and stressed fishing industries. Crop land can thus be used to produce food for humans instead of feed for animals.


    Core Protein, a Core Capital company, is a Texas-based company whose mission is to produce protein to help meet the worldwide demand for an increasingly scarce although essential nutrient by utilizing technology that will benefit the environment, consumers and producers by disrupting the current protein value chain.


    Core Protein is utilizing a proven and patented, game-changing bioindustrial technology from Unibio that enables a highly scalable production of protein, converting methane into a highly concentrated Single Cell Protein (“SCP”), already approved as animal feed in the EU. We are replicating a natural cycle in an industrial framework where the process is completely controlled and therefore eliminating the variables inherent in the same naturally occurring process.

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